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Best QA Training And Placement In Calgary

Apex Consulting is the Best QA Training and Placement in Calgary, where we want to provide you with all the information you’ll need to be a successful quality assurance expert. We’ll show you how to apply your skills so that they’re relevant to today’s business needs. You will study a variety of technologies, tools, standards, testing techniques, development processes, and best practices from our Quality Assurance Course in Calgary as well as professionals from the field.

What is Apex Quality Assurance Certification Course?

QA, or Quality Assurance, is the practice of determining whether a product or service fulfills specified criteria in a systematic manner. QA is responsible for defining and maintaining a framework of standards for producing or creating trustworthy items. The goal of QA Training Course of Apex Consulting Services is to increase client confidence and a firm’s reputation, while also improving productivity and efficiency in the workplace. It helps a company compete better against other businesses by enhancing its competitiveness.


Prerequisites to Join Our QA Training Institute in Calgary:

To join our Best QA Training and Placement in Calgary, there are no defined pre-requisites. However, we ensure that our students have met the following criteria:

  • You must have a solid understanding of Java programming as well as hands-on expertise (Optional).
  • Apex has a prerequisite of “Core Java, SQL, Unix, and Software Development Practices,” which must be completed before enrolling in this course.
  • This job does not require any particular technical skills, but it does need some basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Having expertise on the subject is beneficial.
  • It may be useful to have some experience with software development methodologies as well as the fundamentals of web applications.

Why Should You Join our Best QA Training And Placement In Calgary Course?

  • Develop expertise in a real-time scenario with hands-on exercises.
  • The most highly regarded and experienced coach from North America will teach you.
  • Prepare a technical resume in the style of those desired by USA employers.
  • Practice many mock interviews.
  • Get a certificate of completion after completing this training.
  • Job assistance and follow-up support are available.

These are some of the reasons why you need to opt for our Best QA Training and Placement in Calgary.


QA Training Course Content

Manual Testing: SDLC, Test Metrics Preparation, Testing Strategies, Defect and Project, Manual Test Cases and Plans, Quality Management Process, Root Cause, Analysis, Rally/JIRA, Agile methodology, Defect Management

White Box (Optional): Only For SDET: J-Unit, Code Coverage Concepts (Depends on Students Interest & Programming Background), Application logging concepts using Log4j, Continuous integration (CI), Jenkins and Maven, Unix and database concepts, web application fundamentals, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and UI Framework Introduction

Selenium Automation Testing: Selenium IDE/ Web Driver, Test NG, Selenium Grid, Data-Driven with JXL/ Apache POI, and Page Object Model (POM).

BDD with Cucumber (Optional): Behavior-Driven Concepts, Cucumber Architecture, Features, Steps and assertions, Glue, tags, Pretty and Hooks, Data Tables, Excetion Handling, Report Generation

Web Services: Manual Testing of SOAP Web Services and REST API Testing (SOAPUI/ Postman), Web Services/ REST API Automation Testing, SOAP Concepts, SOAP UI, Postman, Automation testing of REST API using Apache HTTP Client, XML, JSON, JAXB, Gson/ Jackson Concepts

Mobile Automation with APPIUM (Optional): Different types of Mobile Application (Web Apps, Native and Hybrid Apps), Manual Mobile Testing Basics, Simulator/ Emulator/ Direct Device Testing, Different Types of Devices: iOS/ Android/ Java Phone Automation testing fundamentals with Appium, Testing both on Simulator/ Emulator/ Direct Device Testing, Setting up eclipse and testing on the device, Basics, Commands, and App Installation on Developer account of Android and iPhone, Getting elements, Data-Driven and Framework with TestNG, Reporting and Parallel Testing

Mode of Training: The length of our QA Training Course varies from 3 – 5 weeks, depending on the student’s technical understanding. The curriculum is delivered in a variety of formats, including both in-class and online instruction. Students have the option to learn however they prefer.

The In-Class Quality Assurance Course Training will last 30 to 35 hours, whereas the online high-quality analyst program may vary from 150 to 200 hours depending on the students’ technical expertise.


Our Approach


Our Best QA Training and Placement in Calgary follows the equilateral inception training technique (EITM) to introduce and educate people interested in information technology. Our custom-made specialized education covers everything from fundamental principles of Information technology to the most up-to-date and popular software development methods.

Skill Development:

During the skills development stage, instructors focus on increasing fundamental knowledge while also providing a wide range of technical abilities, from beginner to expert. This includes both Manual and Automated Test Techniques.

In our Best Quality Assurance Course, we’ll teach you how to use DevOps tools like Jenkins, Maven, Git, and others.

Resume Preparation:

Having a successful CV is critical to being recognized as a viable applicant. As part of our Best QA Training and Placement in Calgary, we help our prospects create a CV that emphasizes their skills best fit the market’s demands.

In our Best Quality Assurance Course, we’ll teach you how to use DevOps tools like Jenkins, Maven, Git, and others.

Interview Preparation:

Our QA Training and Placement Course was created to assist individuals develop their capacity to communicate their abilities. We utilize a variety of training methods in order to ensure that the applicant is prepared for a real-world interview. Our proven interview training has resulted in the hiring of more than hundreds of candidates as successful IT professionals over the last several years.

Job Placement:

After completing our Quality Assurance Certification Placement Program, many of our successful students are now employed by Multi-national Companies with a bright future.

Apex Consultant Services has served numerous large enterprises in Canada and the United States, employing qualified IT experts to work as successful IT Project Experts on business environment projects. Our job placement program’s success is evidenced by our long-term business partnerships, which have delivered the stated objective.

Ongoing Support:

We make it easy for novices to join our initiative since we stick to our due diligence and give the appropriate amount of support and instruction as part of our Best QA Training and Placement in Calgary Course to help them reach their full potential on the job. We provide both Online and Classroom Quality Assurance Course Training.

If you are looking for a satisfying profession in the IT industry, do not hesitate to contact Apex Consulting Services now! We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our best QA Training and Placement in Calgary Course.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is QA Testing Course in Demand?

Yes, Absolutely. The IT industry is booming at an unprecedented rate and software testing skills are in demand across all industries, not just within the tech sector.

2. Can Quality Assurance Tester become a Developer?

Yes, some companies prefer to train their QA Testers into Software Developers, especially smaller organizations

3. How do I start Quality Assurance Certification Course?

First you need to consider our course at Apex QA Training consultancy. We’re the Best QA Training and Placement in Calgary for software testing training and have been trusted by hundreds of students since 2008.

4. Which Testing Tool is demand in 2021?

Artificial Intelligence, Automation Tools and RPA will be the highest in demand. QA testing skills are in high demand so, this course will help you to get a job with leading enterprises.

5. What is the difference between Quality Analyst and Software Tester?

Quality Analyst works with the company’s internal clients to design and execute tests on software changes. Software Tester does no work directly with clients, instead focusing on testing the features of the program being developed.

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